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Is Fuel Efficiency Taking the Backseat?

Gas prices rise and fall on a day-to-day basis, sometimes more often than not.  They are a direct reflection of how fickle the economy can really be.  Like groceries however, gas is a part of day to day living, so what can be done? A simple solution to the rise in gasoline prices would be...
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Two Minutes, Three Seconds

In this fast-paced, zero to 60 second, whirlwind we call life, time stood still for exactly 2 minutes, 3 seconds on Sunday, February 3. It’s all thanks to Chrysler’s “Farmer” Super Bowl ad that touched home for millions of Americans that night – and it’s a sure bet there wasn’t a dry eye left after...
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SEO 101: Most Important Factors for Higher Organic Rankings

Whether you’ve been knocked down by the Google Police, or just struggle with breaking into the top search results, the key to getting higher organic rankings comes down to providing value to your audience through your website. High organic rankings have many advantages including greater click-throughs to your site, branding power and visitor trust. A...
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United in Helping the Cedar Valley Succeed

For the last several Decembers, Mudd Advertising has sponsored a company-wide food drive to support the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Each year proves to be a powerful reminder of the true impact a small group of committed people can have. During our 2012 Food Drive, Mudd employees united to donate over 1,600 items and $868...
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The Rise of Local Search: What It Means For Your Business

Gone are the days when we’d lug around those bulky white and yellow books to look up local businesses to get a quote or place an order or ask a question. Instead, we utilize search engines and mobile devices where all it takes to get in touch with a business is a click of a...
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Social Media in 60 Seconds

Start the clock. Thousands of followers, friends and subscribers have the opportunity to come across your page in only a matter of seconds. I spotted this infographic on Pinterest and thought it was an interesting take on how to display Social Media statistics. Lots of figures are shared as far as total users, daily consumption...
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In Honor of Steve Jurgens

Steve Jurgens passed away October 25th after nine years of employment at Mudd Advertising.  Steve was the head of maintenance for the entirety of Mudd operations in Cedar Falls. Steve will be missed for his great sense of humor, and his supportive, always positive and upbeat personality. No one better represented what it meant to...
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Is a Brand ever too big to, well, “Re-Brand”?

We’re seeing major manufacturers reinvent themselves all over the car business. Chrysler, for instance, has certainly done a major image change in recent years; new commercials, new look to their vehicles and even an evolution of their iconic logo. Outside of the automotive world, major organizations are also looking to refresh. A rebrand is a...
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Celebration on The River

We are glad to announce that we’re a proud sponsor of the Cedar Valley Hospice first ever Release & Remember event. The fundraiser is set to take place this Sunday from 1-3 p.m. at the beautiful Waterloo Riverloop Amphitheatre. The new event will feature food, music, and a mass butterfly release over the Cedar River....
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