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Mudd Advertising is your one-stop-shop for MARKETCENTER solutions. As a proud MARKETCENTER Partner, we offer seamless traditional and digital solutions for efficient spending of your marketing dollars. Our campaigns are co-op ready for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, or Alfa-Romeo dealerships. Our MarketCenter solutions blend traditional and digital marketing seamlessly, maximizing co-op fund opportunities and giving you a competitive edge.

Get ahead of the competition with proven automotive direct marketing strategies to help you dominate your retail market. Our cutting-edge approach is more than just a blast and hope, honing in on your audience with data-driven hyper targeting for maximum impact across traditional and digital platforms!

Proven Automotive Marketing Formula

As your trusted, MARKETCENTER partner, our automotive marketing strategy process is designed to help you reach success by tracking what matters and tiying all marketing efforts to vehicles sold. We do this by carefully assessing what you're trying to achieve and setting tangible goals along the way. Then, we'll dive into both your target audience's needs and media consumption habits, and also detailed customer profiles. Finally, when everything has been planned out accordingly, we take care of booking placements for creative; then provide detailed post-analysis reports before closing things up with no stone left unturned!
Revolutionizing Your 1st Party Lead Generation Efforts By


Today's automotive retail dealerships spend TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars every month to push potential car buyers to their website. BUT... 97% of dealership website traffic does not call, complete a form fill, or engage in a website chat. In result, website visitor information has become nearly impossible to collect. With MUDDid this all changes.

Identify visitor's contact information

Monitor a visitor's onsite shopping journey

Target visitors with co-op approved tactics


How does MUDDid Work?

MUDDid‘s custom & unique innovative platform is engineered by DrivenIQ, an audience data technology company known for its 14+ billion legally opted in consumer records representing over 230 million U.S. households. DrivenIQ provides the foundational data layer for MUDDid™ technology with its deterministic identity graph & audience resolution customer data platform (CDP).
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Digital Marketing That Works

Drive Traffic to Your Website

As the automotive industry shifts to a digital-first approach, dealerships must stay ahead of the curve. Partner with Mudd Advertising for an audience based and data driven strategy that will help keep your dealership on top in today's competitive market. Leverage our cutting-edge automotive digital marketing solutions to maximize results and reach new heights.
Studio Shoot
Growing dealerships with video for 40+ years

Studio Production​

At Mudd Advertising, we leverage creative content to bring your dealership's personality and quality cars to the forefront.

We offer a wide range of automotive studio production services tailored specifically for dealerships like digital video production, streaming radio coverage, as well as traditional TV or radio advertising campaigns. Want something extra? Our live broadcast capabilities guarantee you get noticed!

Perfecting Traditional Media Since 1981

automotive traditional media advertising
Traditional Media Marketing
automotive traditional media advertising
Increase your REACH with

Traditional Media as COOKIES crumble!

Harness the power of traditional media marketing in today's modern advertising landscape! With a strategy that incorporates traditional methods, your business can stay ahead of trends and unlock potential that may have gone unnoticed. Don't be afraid to lean into what has always worked - it could lead you down an exciting new path!
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