Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Discover WHO is visiting, WHAT they are looking at, and WHEN they visited with MUDDid and target them with personalized marketing. MUDDid is the ultimate solution auto dealers need to identify anonymous website visitors to identify hidden buyers.

Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Revolutionizing Your 1st Party Lead Generation Efforts By


Today's automotive retail dealerships spend TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars every month to push potential car buyers to their website. BUT... 97% of dealership website traffic does not call, complete a form fill, or engage in a website chat. In result, website visitor information has become nearly impossible to collect. With MUDDid this all changes.

  • Identify visitor's contact and communication details
  • Monitor a visitor's onsite shopping journey
  • Score a visitor's propensity to buy, sell, or service

How does MUDDid Work?

MUDDid Pixel

Identify of up to 40% of site visitors with MUDDid pixel

Matched with persistent ID against 450+ data points
Install on any website or landing page
Simple to track, easy to maximize
Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Convert website traffic into identifiable and marketable prospects

Harness and Market to your first party audiences

Use for any marketing platform

The future of audience intelligence is here.

MUDDid‘s custom & unique innovative platform is engineered by DrivenIQ, an audience data technology company known for its 14+ billion legally opted in consumer records representing over 230 million U.S. households. DrivenIQ provides the foundational data layer for MUDDid™ technology with its deterministic identity graph & audience resolution customer data platform (CDP).

Increase Market Share by leveraging the power of GeoZoning.

location id polygon

Combine MUDDid with Location ID

Location ID captures shopper’s Mobile Device IDs and Persistent IDs during in-person visits or after online visits to follow and target them across all of their connected devices.

Polygon Mapping draws a digital line around the audience members’ homes and the advertiser’s competitor locations in order to deliver targeted ads at the household level.

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