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As your trusted, agency partner, our automotive marketing strategy process is designed to help you reach success without missing a beat.

We do this by carefully assessing what you're trying to achieve and setting tangible goals along the way. Then, we'll dive into researching both your target audience's needs and media consumption habits, customer profiles and MMITT surveys so as not exceed any of the constraints put in place such as budget or timeline limitations - while also making sure to stay ahead of competition! Finally, when everything has been planned out accordingly, we take care of booking placements for creative; then provide detailed post-analysis reports before closing things up with no stone left unturned!

1. Assessment / Deep Dive

Our comprehensive assessment helps dealerships identify their potential for successful digital retailing and ensures their digital and traditional strategy are effectively positioning their store to sell cars in today’s market. We'll pinpoint where strength lies, then suggest ways to build on success through organic as well as paid advertising and beyond.

2. Goal Setting & Defining Target Audience

Here we look at several indicators to understand your customer base. Who they are, where they shop, how they consume media, and predictive purchasing patterns. Then, we harness the power of automotive data to unlock opportunities for market share growth. This audience identification strategy creates your ideal marketable target audience, so your dollars apply to your buyers.

3. Media Planning

Our in-house team of media planning experts show us the way to reach your audience. Our comprehensive analysis covers everything from competitors, media and past campaign performance so we can customize a fully optimized plan. With actionable insights based on deep research into consumer behavior and trends, we develop a strategy sure to make an impact with maximum efficiency.

4. Production

Get your message across in an unforgettable way with our full suite of production services. From animation and video to graphic design, we'll create all the media you need for a captivating story that resonates powerfully with your target audience.

5. Personalized Messaging & Creative Strategy

Audience and Behavioral based targeting is the NOW of digital and traditional advertising. Compelling and motivating retail advertising is more about knowing your customer and what drives their consumption behavior. When we create a blended traditional and digital media strategy for you, we present exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re going to measure it. We know the most important factor of a marketing strategy is value generation!

6. Media Buying

With over four decades of experience, we have mastered the art of media buying from radio and cable TV to digital and print. We're a devoted middleman in every step - negotiating rates, deciphering industry terminology, and hustling hard on your behalf. The post and reconciliation of your buy is the icing on the cake and accountability you need in your marketing strategy.

6. Campaign Management

Our team is always on-call for our advertising campaigns. To guarantee success, we leverage industry-leading tools and stay in the driver's seat from start to finish. Plus, once finished with a campaign you'll get an in-depth report outlining exactly where improvement was made—ensuring your next initiative will be even more successful!

8. MEASUREMENT - Implementation, Attribution & Trends

Our technology supports our data driven results formula and is built for transparency. We are constantly looking at cause and effect and adjusting mid-stream when needed. Our ability to track and verify KPI’s is paramount to ensuring effective marketing strategies for ongoing improvements.

9. Optimization

Every solution we provide is optimized on a constant basis. Our team of experts embrace a long-term view. From strategy building and implementation to personalization and assessing creative quality, our teams create holistic strategies, identifies tactics, deploys media, at scale and across all channels.


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