Full-Service Automotive Marketing

Reach customers & drive more leads with our comprehensive and seamlessly integrated suite of digital and traditional full-service automotive marketing solutions


Full-Service Automotive Marketing

Full-Service Automotive Marketing

Full-Service Automotive Marketing

Full-Service Automotive Marketing

Automotive Full-Service Marketing

Partnership is what we do best.

With 41 years of automotive full-service marketing experience and expertise in both digital AND traditional marketing, we provide your dealership with a comprehensive suite of capabilities to keep up in today's fast-paced world.

Our seamless integration means that all media components work together harmoniously so no opportunity is missed - from behavioral targeted video to market owning messaging, our multi-touch attribution model develops digital leads into showroom traffic to maximize market share! We stay ahead of the curve by housing production, execution, and research & development teams under one roof for maximum efficiency PLUS staying on top of innovative technology solutions.


We believe success starts with strategy. That's why our all-inclusive partnership process is designed to help dealers take their business further, utilizing a balanced mix of traditional and digital solutions for maximum exposure and impact. You'll benefit from meticulously planned campaigns, varied tactics, consistent messaging, as well as precision launches that will set your dealership apart!
Studio Production

Studio Production

Mudd Advertising has been producing high-quality, creative videos for dealerships for 40 years. We take pride in providing quality content that captures your personality and individual style. Whether you’re looking for quick-turn variable video production or custom integrated creative we got your back!
Branding and Creative

Branding and Creative

Let our skilled designers help your dealership stand out and be remembered! From crafting an individualized logo to creating a timeless brand strategy, we will craft exceptional design solutions that capture the attention of customers.
Client Services and Reporting

Client Services and Reporting

You’re not just a number to us. We know we’re selling you more than an ad campaign, so our white-glove approach ensures long-term planning remains at the core of everything we do for you.

Mudd Advertising is bridging the data between Digital and Traditional

with instant, collaborative, transparent, zip-code based advertising buying tools that demystify digital advertising once and for all. Mudd taps into the NEW NOW MARKET to provide the leads and create the sale. It’s that simple.

40+ years have taught us that dealers are always concerned with...


You'll reach your goals for less because we're priced competitively and our 3rd party lead audits help you reduce waste. Our reconciliation processes create an accountable environment for your invested dollars with your traditional media partners. The submission of your co-op media funds, creative audits, as well as pre and post approvals ensure you maximize the ad dollars provided by a manufacturer.


We want to earn your trust with transparency and results. Your KPI’s are our KPI’s. We report on what is important to you and we employ every available technology to give you 100% transparency into every dollar spent. We're an open book because we’re not your vendor, we’re your partner.


The strategy is built specifically for you and your needs. Manufacturers care about overall vehicles sold, but we want YOU to sell that vehicle. We align with you to put the right message in front of your potential customers.


We continuously invest in the best technology, people, and processes. We Leverage the leading data providers and use cutting edge tools to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI while enhancing your campaigns for top performance. Our, “next best thing,” is, “YOUR next best thing.”


If you have your own digital media account, we will execute from it. If you don't we will create one to execute on your behalf. Transparency is important to a long standing relationship and our partners have the same level of access to the tools, tracking, and technology that we do.


We give the same attention to every client’s campaign while offering a tailored approach to each one. We offer a custom-made action plan for your dealership with guidance on however you use your OEM & COOP funds.
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Struggling to make a connection with potential customers?

We are here to help! With our comprehensive suite of automotive full-service marketing and advertising services, you can trust us to use our experience and resources to deliver powerful messages right into their hands. Let's bring your strategy to life through engaging content, creative design & dynamic advertising.