Target Vehicle-Specific Search Queries in Paid Search

People are searching for the vehicles you have in your inventory. For example, someone is searching for (and wants to buy) a 2011 Meindl 246i (’cause it’s just about the coolest car never made). If a dealer who had that vehicle in stock were to create an ad specifically for the 2011 Meindl 246i and...
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Google ZMOT and Tier Integration

It’s a never-ending challenge which we seem to face almost monthly in the car business.  No, I’m not talking CSI scores, gross averages or inventory management.  I’m referring to the cosmic duel happening between automotive manufacturer advertisements and that of your local dealer. We’ve been trained better than Pavlov’s dog to push for the 30th...
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Increasing Conversion Percentages with Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

The way people buy cars today is much different than in the past.  Prior to the internet, consumers would browse newspaper ads or see television commercials before visiting several dealerships looking for the car they wanted to buy.  Today, those traditional methods still exist, but the digital world has changed the way we shop for...
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