Target Vehicle-Specific Search Queries in Paid Search

People are searching for the vehicles you have in your inventory. For example, someone is searching for (and wants to buy) a 2011 Meindl 246i (’cause it’s just about the coolest car never made). If a dealer who had that vehicle in stock were to create an ad specifically for the 2011 Meindl 246i and...
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Five Things that Prevent People From Using Social Media Correctly – and what to do about it!

1. Someone says, “What if we look online and people are saying bad things?” This is one I’ve never understood.  If they’re saying bad things about you, don’t you want to know?  It’s like choosing to have someone talk behind your back instead of communicating issues face-to-face.  Maybe the “talk behind your back” thing seems...
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Welcome to TargetClick Marketing Solutions

Thank you for visiting TargetClick Marketing’s blog.  This is a resource for information in the online marketing industry based on our research and personal experience.  Let us take this opportunity to introduce our business and ourselves. TargetClick Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive Internet marketing firm that specializes in search engine marketing (SEM).  This is the...
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