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Thank you for visiting TargetClick Marketing’s blog.  This is a resource for information in the online marketing industry based on our research and personal experience.  Let us take this opportunity to introduce our business and ourselves.

TargetClick Marketing Solutions is a comprehensive Internet marketing firm that specializes in search engine marketing (SEM).  This is the process used to improve where a website ranks in the search engine results pages for a given search query.  Its primary purpose is to drive traffic to a website based on relevant searches.  This results in more traffic and ultimately, more conversions.  “Conversions” refer to an online customer who completes the desired action.  This action includes making a purchase, signing up for more information or even leaving a comment on a blog post.  Although the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing do not release all of their search statistics, it is known that traffic and conversions drop considerably after the top three spots and even more drastically after the first page of results (ten spots).

TargetClick Marketing Solutions is able to stand out from competitors in the market because of its unique approach to search engine optimization and Internet marketing.  It combines a business and marketing perspective with a communication and public relations perspective to offer its clients traditional techniques and strategies, but with a digital perspective.  The owners are able to offer organic, ethical techniques applied consistently over a period of time to achieve maximum results. While many competitors are rooted in marketing and business disciplines, TargetClick Marketing Solutions offers a communication perspective to appeal to the human users who access the content.  It is important to remember that search engine marketing tactics should appeal not only to search engine algorithms, but also the end user who will make the final decision.

TargetClick Marketing is comprised on three owners: Doug Drees, Greg Jass and Therese Kuster.  Each of us has our own specialty, which allows us to focus on our strengths and provide the best possible experience for our clients.  On a broad level, Doug focuses on Pay Per Click campaigns, paid search and analytics.  Greg is more focuses on Search Engine Optimization, organic search and strategy.  I (Therese) work primarily with content production, social media and design.  Each of us will regularly contribute to the blog to provide a well-rounded, educational resource to our readers and followers.

We encourage questions and comments so please share your thoughts on any post through blog comments, Tweets or Facebook posts.


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