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A Copy of A Copy of A Copy

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to attend Pubcon in Las Vegas, NV — an international conference in which industry leaders from across the digital marketing realm come together to impart their wisdom to attendants eager to absorb new information about their area of expertise — and one thing became clear after attending...
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Google Plus Test Results

There seem to be a lot of assumptions out there that you can use Google Plus for successful link building. This is related to the belief that the page rank and authority of your Google Plus profile can have a significant impact on Google’s search results both in Google Plus and in the regular Google...
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Britt’s Google+ Experiment

Something’s brewing at TargetClick! As I sit at my desk looking like I’m up to no good, I’m really planning for Google domination. I can’t hide the fact that I’m so super excited about Google+ and the changes it’s already made for SEO, but also the opportunities this platform will bring. I’ll let you in...
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Range Rover’s Million Dollar Investment?

Imagine this: The shadow of a stranger entering New York City, driving the newest ‘it’ car. He keeps driving and driving, and driving-  he turns left, he turns right..the anticipation builds and one has to wonder….Will he ever reach his destination?  Will his face be shown? Finally, the mystery man approaches a busy street with...
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