Digital Advertising: Mobile or Desktop?

Should I Focus on Mobile or Desktop? This is a question we get a lot from clients because they want to make sure they are getting their money’s worth with their digital advertising budget.

This is something we understand all too well because we are trying to get you your money’s worth as well. However, it isn’t just an automatic answer either mobile or desktop. In fact, the answer is most likely both, but let us walk you through what we know.

Mobile vs. Desktop

Mobile is big and is always increasing. According to Google, there are more mobile searches now than ever before. Google also tells us there are more mobile searches now than desktop searches. This is important information to know, but it doesn’t mean that desktop searches are nonexistent or unimportant.

The fact is, the car buying process involves a lot of research because it is a big purchase. When you go through the process of buying a car you are looking for information like “What type of vehicle fits with my lifestyle?” “Which brand is more reliable?” “What kind of loans and financing can I get?” and even “What car dealerships are near me?” Some of these will be searched on mobile and some on desktop.

At Mudd, we serve ads across all platforms. We know that there are multiple ways in which a potential customer could come into contact with a Dealer’s website, so we use many different ad types to help each client find the right people. We know that ultimately, whether your potential customers are on mobile or desktop, it is about catering the experience to the user.

If you are interested in learning more about how we come up with an ad campaigns for our clients, reach out to us and we can talk more digital strategy!

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