Does It Matter Where Your Advertising Agency is Located?

Just like many other subjective-based questions out there, the answer to this one is simply – “it depends.”

No, it really doesn’t matter to a company as to where the location of their advertising agency is, it’s just one of the many factors that go into choosing one that fits to their needs.  Companies obviously would like to have an agency somewhat close to them, but that definitely isn’t their number one priority when searching for one to advertise their name or product.

The location of an agency is by no means an indicator as to the level of talent.  Hank Blank, President of Blank and Associates, who has 25 years of marketing and advertising experience with a number of major brands, attests to this statement.

Mudd Advertising has over 180 people employed at their location in Cedar Falls, which isn’t something you would necessarily expect from a small town in Iowa.

The most important thing about an agency, according to Hank, is the relationship built up between the agency and the companies they are representing.  Constructing these relationships is an important part of the industry.

This is a people business.  You need to know who you are working with and that they will not only do the job because you’ve hired them to do it, but they will do it well because they don’t want to let you down on a personal level as well.

Going out and establishing a good relationship with the client is something that can often be overlooked, but is never unrewarded.


Hanks full article can be viewed here:



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