June 11, 2013

Does It Matter Where Your Advertising Agency is Located?

Just like many other subjective-based questions out there, the answer to this one is simply – “it depends.” No, it really doesn’t matter to a company as to where the location of their advertising agency is, it’s just one of the many factors that go into choosing one that fits to their needs.  Companies obviously...
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Nielsen and Syncbak Testing Could Revolutionize TV Viewing

In today’s ever increasing technological age, mobile phones and tablets are able to do more and more.  Nielsen and Syncbak, two streaming companies whose technology gives viewers the capability to watch local TV broadcasts within a station’s range, realized this when starting their company.   I can see no other reason as to why a...
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Find Out Your Average Organic CTR by Position

CTR by Rank: The Quick and Dirty Method I call this the quick and dirty method because you only have to download one file from Webmaster Tools to make it work. As you’ll see later, this is a huge time saver.  The drawback to this method is that you have to round the reported search...
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