Close to Home: Abate of Iowa, District 16, Annual Awareness Ride

While it was a little cold and windy, the sun made its appearance at the Annual Awareness Ride on Saturday, May 11th.   There were about 245 bikes in the ride, stretching about a mile long. They left the courthouse at 12:00 and then rode through Waterloo, Evansdale, and Cedar Falls. They ended the annual ride at the Harley Davidson Shop.  Special thanks to everyone that participated to raise awareness about safety.

Reminder as winter packs her bags, and the summer gets hotter and brighter that everyone needs to exercise caution and Motorcycle Awareness- Please be aware that we will be beside you, in front of you and behind you.   LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE.  Its always nice to see Team Mudd come together outside of work for a great cause.  Says something about the people that make up Team Mudd.  Gungho Mudders!


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