May 14, 2013

Close to Home: Abate of Iowa, District 16, Annual Awareness Ride

While it was a little cold and windy, the sun made its appearance at the Annual Awareness Ride on Saturday, May 11th.   There were about 245 bikes in the ride, stretching about a mile long. They left the courthouse at 12:00 and then rode through Waterloo, Evansdale, and Cedar Falls. They ended the annual ride at...
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Global Communities Defined

  This is where the world is going to move…global communities defined by economic status at the high end mid and the low side will .   The news out on Bloomberg data breach is huge, the Global Market is based on behavioral consumption  PROJECTIONS…”Trust” is going to become the new metric “Multiplier”.   There...
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Battlefield Google: The Great War of SEO vs. SEM

I recently read the article “The War on Free Clicks” published by WordStream, which after reading invoked feelings of panic and fear that my chosen specialty in SEO would soon be obsolete, and that everything I believed to be true about search engine marketing was incorrect. Before you begin panicking just as I did, you...
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