Welcome Mudd EQ to the TargetClick Team

mudd eqAs most of you probably already know, TargetClick was acquired by Mudd Advertising in June of 2012.   And as Doug, TK and myself will vouch, it has been one of the best moves we could have ever made.  Mudd has allowed us to grow our team, build technology and take our business from a small start-up to a legitimate business producing great results for our clients.

Another thing that most people who have been following us know is that Mudd Advertising has 32 years of producing GREAT results for car dealers across the country.  But what many of you might not know is that Mudd started another division four years ago (2009) that specialized specifically in helping equipment dealers market their businesses in the same way they had been helping car dealers.  It only makes sense, right? After all, we are located in the heart of Iowa and many of us have corn fields in our backyard.

I’ll be honest, for the first six months I worked here I had no idea we had an equipment division. That all changed when Abby Ryan (Account Executive, Mudd EQ) approached us wanting a website for one of her John Deere clients.  While we had built websites in the past, the equipment industry was something completely new, and a challenge we gladly accepted.

Fast forward to February 2013… Abby had convinced me to go down to a convention called JDUG (John Deere Users Group) in St. Louis.  In a nutshell, JDUG is a convention where John Deere dealers gather to learn about new products and services to help them improve their businesses.  Abby, Dennis Duggan (Creative Chameleon, Mudd Advertising) and myself had a booth showcasing our marketing abilities.  At this time Mudd EQ was still very young, and if it wasn’t for Abby’s drive to meet new clients, and Dennis’s creative abilities, the division would not have existed.  So our main goal was to meet as many dealers as possible and listen to what they wanted for advertising companies.  There were two things we heard from nearly every dealer, and those were: 1) we need to move our used inventory and 2) the ‘Big Box Stores’ are eating up our Lawn & Garden business.

Any entrepreneur that hears the same problem from multiple people instantly starts brainstorming ideas for a solution.  That solution is something we call PLAT.  It’s a web platform that allows dealers to easily and cheaply advertise their used inventory and Lawn & Garden products online.  PLAT is revolutionizing the way dealers are advertising their inventory.  It allows us to monitor and optimize what products a dealer is pushing, and most importantly it allows both our team and the dealer to see an ROI on the investment.

As more and more dealers join the platform we are able to gather more data to continually make our dealer’s campaigns perform better.

As of January 1, 2014 Mudd EQ formally joined the TargetClick team, and we couldn’t be more excited!  The dedication and passion shown by Abby Ryan, Ryan McCauley and most recently Kyle Tucker, to help equipment dealers grow their business is second to none.  Pair that with the top notch technology our team is kicking out, and you have a machine that is primed and ready to take on the equipment advertising industry!

Be looking for a HUGE product announcement in February!

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