Weekly Wrap-Up

Do you know what today is? Well aside from it being February 17 and National Café au Lait Day (who comes up with these things?), Mudd’s weekly wrap-up is making a return!

Why? Well, it’s simple. There were just too many great links surfacing around the web that it’d be a crime to not wrangle up all of the nomadic content and give it a place to call home. Check these out when you get a chance.

Why auto dealers should become pinterested in an online pinboard: http://bit.ly/xkeZkc (Props to @polkautomotive for the great post)


The Chevy Volt has caught some criticism in the last few months after a battery pack caught fire several weeks after a governmental test crash. Well, Chevrolet has decided to respond with a “Just the Facts” ma’am sort of ad.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfQ0i66KRs0&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfQ0i66KRs0&feature=player_embedded [/youtube]


Need an awesome iPhone Productivity App? Check out Clear. It’s so simple, intuitive and looks great. A trifecta in my book.


Hands down, the cutest ad award goes to Purina and their “Inside Every Good Dog is a Great Dog” spot that aired during the Westminster Dog Show. Holy cuteness.



Facebook is reported to release Timeline to brands this month. Have you started planning what your company’s timeline will look like?


Say hello to Macan, Porsche’s answer to a small SUV. Does anyone else think it’s “The Matrix” meets the Batmobile, or is that just me? Regardless, I wouldn’t be upset about driving one of these bad boys:

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