The Continual Evolution of Advertising

I came across this infographic (props to MDG for creating it) about the ‘changing scope of advertising’ and thought it was an awesome depiction of the continual evolution of our industry.  While some aspects of it provide more of an overview, it does include some pretty awesome stats. (I’m a sucker for some good quantitative data!)

82 million Americans access the web on their phone.

46 percent of brands surveyed gained new business from their blog.

Say what?!

These are stats that the Don Drapers (A Mad Men reference for all who are confused) wouldn’t have even fathomed 50 years ago.  Things are constantly changing, advancing, developing, evolving… And to me, that’s what makes this industry so exciting to be a part of.  People are constantly pushing the envelope, challenging yesterday’s status quos, and above all, building solutions to reach a level of success that hasn’t been achieved before.

So fellow advertising folks, I’m interested to see how our creativity and innovation today affects the industry of tomorrow… To quote Bonnie Raitt, let’s give ‘em something to talk about.

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