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What can happen if you work with our digital experts for one year? Well, if you use a consistent mix of our digital services – SEM, SEO, Display Advertising, Retargeting, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, and Conversion Pages – you can achieve results like this client did:

  1. Funnel in 77,582 unique visitors to highly targeted, engaging Conversion Pages on your website
  2. Attain 116,277 page views on those pages
  3. Earn 2,217 conversions, consisting of 1332 lead form completions and 885 phone calls, or put another way – 2,217 sales opportunities!

This is a perfect example of consistency at work, and there’s no reason why any other dealer couldn’t achieve similar, if not better results given the right mix of services paired with the right digital strategy. Below are some more outstanding results that all of our digital experts aim to achieve with every account they take on.

Are you an RV dealer? If so, you should know that one of the RV dealers we work with had 139 leads over 30 days, with organic (SEO) traffic increasing by 25%! Now that’s pretty amazing. Their website leads are nearly double what they were getting last year before working with us.

Interested in an email marketing campaign? Many of our clients are, and one in particular has delivered 675,000 emails from October 2013 to March 2014 with an average unique open rate of 25%, an overall deliver rate of 95% and almost 190,000 gross email clicks!

While all of our digital services can provide clear, measurable success, Facebook Custom Audiences campaigns can also be extremely effective. Take one client for example; they ran a Custom Audiences campaign which displayed an ad on Facebook to several potential buyers, and after a $0.56 click they were able to provide the customer with enough information to make a buying decision using a conversion page. The customer filled out a form, came into the dealership and leased a brand new car that same day! As icing on the cake, the customer was so happy with the experience that she shared her excitement on the dealership’s Facebook wall. If that’s not an incredible result, what is?


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