Problems Only a (VIN) Ninja can Solve

So you’re in sales. Let’s say you sell cars. Hopefully you sell more cars than the dealers around you. But maybe you’re struggling. It’s okay, we all struggle sometimes. In the words of our own Dave Meindl, “tell me your troubles...” Now, it may feel weird to tell your troubles to a stranger like Dave, but in this case you should. Why should you trust Dave with your troubles? Because Dave has answers… Here at Mudd we understand that when you have an ever-evolving inventory, you need something beyond your standard online advertisements. You need a product that can keep up. You need ads that are relevant. And you need to be competitive. For Pete’s sake, you at least need something that works. Enter VIN Ninja.

VIN Ninja

VIN Ninja, developed by Dave our project analyst here at Mudd, is a product that creates dynamic, highly-customized online ads from your rapidly-changing inventory. VIN Ninja takes your frequently updated inventory list, originating in your DMS, and uses it to generate hyper-specific ads tailored to your inventory. And when you update your inventory, your ads are updated accordingly. Acquire a new or used car for your lot? VIN Ninja generates a new unique ad about it. Sell a car off of your lot? VIN Ninja pauses that vehicle’s corresponding ad. This level of customization isn’t feasibly achieved by human beings. However, with an automated product like VIN Ninja, you can achieve customized relevancy in a way that puts you ahead.

But how does it work?

  • Step 1: Your inventory is updated in your DMS.
  • Step 2: Your dealership’s website provider (ex. com or CDK Digital Marketing) pulls your inventory from your DMS.
  • Step 3: Mudd’s Homenet account pulls your inventory, on a daily basis, from your dealership’s website provider, keeping your inventory consistently up-to-date for ad generation.
  • Step 4: Highly specific ads are then generated in accordance with the inventory stored in the Homenet account.

So let’s be straight…what are we looking at?

Below is an example of a VIN Ninja ad pulled from Google search results. vinninja at Mudd Advertising No two VIN Ninja ads are ever created alike. This is due not only to the uniqueness of each vehicle, but to the requirements of ads created through the Google AdWords or Bing Ads platforms. Due to character restrictions in text ads, each ad may be laid out slightly differently. Details in any given VIN Ninja ad could include a vehicle’s:
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Price
  • Miles
  • Condition
  • Trim
  • Body type
  • Exterior color
  • Location (i.e. the city in which the dealership is located)
VIN Ninja ads will not only include details for each vehicle in your inventory, but also a variety of ad extensions – such as sitelinks, location extensions, and call extensions.

Love it! What’s next!?

Well, you’ve got two options. You can stay home and do nothing, and let your competitors steal the traffic and sales that are rightfully yours. Or… You can put your online marketing strategy on steroids and start putting the smack down on your competition today! And we all know what a real ninja would choose. Seriously though, every second you wait could mean another lost sale. Enroll with VIN Ninja right here, right now. There’s no time to lose! https://mudd.com/services/digital/vin-ninja/vin-ninja-budget/ Become one with your inner-Ninja.