How Do Paid Search Terms Work?

Our Search Engine Marketing Team creates pay-per-click campaigns based on your goals and budget for your dealership. One of the ways we target potential customers is through keywords or paid search terms.

What are Paid Search Terms?

A paid search term or keyword is a word or phrase that we bid on to run your advertisement with. A query is what a user actually types into google. For example, you could bid on the term “used Toyota,” then if someone types a query with that phrase, your ad pops up.

How Do You Know What People are Searching For?

We select keywords and do research on what we think people will be searching. Then we try and test out those keywords for the different campaigns we launch. Using tools like Google AdWords, we can then tailor or change the campaign based on the results we get.

For your campaigns, we can get information on the keywords and search queries. We can get information about how many people clicked and what their search query was. We can get information on how many people converted (filled out a form, made a call, etc.). Then, we use all of this information to create better campaigns and pick better keywords and do more to get your message out there.

Paid search terms are one way we target users that would be most interested in buying your products based on what they are searching for. Your ad directs them to your website where you can give them the information they need to come down and make the purchase.


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