Insight from an Intern by Kristin Foxhoven

When I was first hired as a Marketing Intern at Mudd, I wasn’t familiar with the marketing industry let alone, advertising.  I was studying public relations at the University of Northern Iowa.  Needless to say, I was a bit intimidated, unsure what to expect.  That was short lived however, as the moment I walked in, I knew that I wanted to be part of this team- however temporary.  I knew, that I wanted to learn and be part of Team Mudd.  I quickly discovered that my experience in public relations and journalism was enough to jumpstart my experience, as they work hand in hand.  I began to learn all things marketing- from branding, print advertising, digital media, direct mailings, radio and commercial.  Not to mention all the people, behind the scenes so to speak that make those a success!

The atmosphere at Mudd is something you to need to see to believe.  With music filling the halls, random bursts of applause for a great sale, motivational Gung Ho (staff) meetings, and POPCORN? Mudd Advertising is every intern’s dream.  My experience has been instrumental in preparing me for the next chapter of my life.   From writing press releases and blogs, to coming up with content for RFP’s and the Mudd Monthly newsletter, every task I am given is something fun to do.  Everyone in the Marketing Department has been extremely helpful in mentoring me.  They have been great examples on how to be successful in the workplace while still having fun and loving your job every day.

Though I knew of Mudd Advertising, it wasn’t until I smelled like popcorn and was part of Team Mudd, that I understood the true implications of this successful company, not only on the Cedar Valley, but throughout the entire U.S..  It amazes me, how a dream started in basement and has grown in to 200+ staff, with offices in other states.  Mudd is an ongoing success, and it teaches you to dream and to work hard to succeed, whatever your failures.

My time at Mudd Advertising has been an incredibly rewarding experience and a great way to end my college chapter and jump out of the nest into the real world.  Thanks to everyone that makes up the Mudd family for allowing me to part of something so amazing- you have inspired me to take the leap- the real world isn’t so scary afterall…..besides Mudd said it best “We LOVE it when YOU SUCCEED”!



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