Importance of Custom and User Friendly Content

Would you want to sit and listen to a speaker with a monotone robotic voice who sits there and tells you “Advertising is good. It will help grow your business” but never explain how to do so? Or, would you rather listen to someone who keeps your attention by showing you ways to improve what you are currently implementing in your business? When doing a web search, wouldn’t you rather find an article that gives bright new ideas instead of taking information from similar websites and tweaking it here and there to make it seem original? This is where custom and user friendly content comes into play!

Why Use Custom and User Friendly Content on Your Website?

When some businesses start up a website, there may be automated content implemented within the site. This could cause the owner to think the site is complete. However, the content that has been placed on their site, has also been implemented on sites very similar to their own, just changing the name and town as it occurs. When Google sees this, it will decrease your authority and page rank. Also, this could cause you to lose visitors and increase your bounce rate as there is a chance your readers have previously read this information on another site. If automated content is not being implemented and you are 100% responsible for the information on there, it is still equally as important that you do not go to a similar site and paraphrase to make it your own. The more unique the information is, the more likely you will be able to increase your traffic and potential purchases.

By working with someone who specializes in content writing and/or Search Engine Optimization, you can take the drab content and turn it into fab content. Not only will you rank better within Google, you will also have the chance to decrease your bounce rate and keep desirable and interested traffic on your site. Content will be generated that is targeted directly at the audience you are trying to draw toward your business, throwing in questions they want answered and facts they may want to know about. Keyword research plays a large role in finding out what people in your area are looking for in terms of products you are selling.

How Custom Metadata Ties In

Metadata is a part of custom content, but it is worth being mentioned on its own because it is what drives users to your website. Metadata is the information that is displayed in Google Search Results. Your Meta title is the main blue link displayed (pictured below). The Meta description is what is provided after the title, describing what you are about to embark on by clicking the link.


Metadata is the first thing your user will see when organically searching for products or services related to your business. When a potential customer sees the list of Google results, you want to hook them with your title and description. If you customize your title and description to something that engages people, it will give them a stellar reason to click on your URL and not your competitors.

To conclude, the more custom information you have, the better. Who wouldn’t want to drive more focused and interested traffic to their website? This is your chance to show potential customers what you have to offer that your competitors don’t. Say goodbye to repetitive and boring and hello to invigorating and intriguing information all located within your very own website!

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