Being a Google Premier Partner

To be a Google Premier Partner requires certain qualifications, and being one gives you and your clients benefits. At Mudd Advertising, we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner. Find out more about what that could mean for you as a client below.

How to Become a Google Premier Partner

In order to be a Google Premier Partner, you need to meet certain criteria. This includes having two affiliated individuals certified in Google AdWords to show you have advanced AdWords knowledge, meeting a spend requirement to show your company has a certain amount of activity and meeting a certain performance requirement to show you are maintaining and growing your customer base.

To be a Premier Partner, you not only have to be knowledgeable and active in Google AdWords creating digital campaigns, you also have to have positive and lasting relationships with your clients. The fact that we are certified as a Premier Partner means we are truly looking out for our clients success.

Benefits of Being a Google Premier Partner

There are many benefits of being a Google Premier Partner they are in the categories of Education, Support, Growth and Rewards. Basically, with the Premier Partnership, we get the benefit of Google’s expertise. They support us as we work on managing our accounts, strategy consulting, and more.

Some of the other benefits of being a Google Premier Partner include:

  • Product trainings and certifications
  • Performance reporting
  • Client event support
  • New business strategy consulting

From both the qualifications to become a Google Premier Partner, to the benefits of being a Google Premier Partner, it is clear that this partnership benefits our clients. With the Google Premier Partnership, we have more information, more expertise and more support to provide to our clients.


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