Using the Google Display Network in Digital Advertising

The Google Display Network allows you to advertise on popular websites, blogs, videos and apps while also allowing you to advertise with images and video ads. It allows you to target someone with specific interests and online behaviors. Combined with a Google Search Network, this can be a great duo for your business! It can match webpages based on keywords, behaviors of web users you are trying to reach, interest and topics of web users you are trying to reach, and even webpages that are being used by your previous site visitors. It can also exclude webpages with content that you do not want to target. This gives you a way to reach people who actually want to hear about your company.

The Google Display Network campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. This type of reach and impression possibility along with targeting options make for an optimal method to get the word out about your business. Display ads are key for branding campaigns and product promotion because they are shown a lot, which usually results in a high number of impressions. However, it’s not as expensive as it might seem because you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. There are different types of display ads that we personally use at Mudd Advertising in our Digital Marketing.

Image Ads

Image ads may be what you know as a banner ad. When you see a still advertising image along the side of your page you are surfing, in the middle of a blog, along the top of the screen or many other places, it is known as an image ad. We use these types of ads to target interest and topic specific users. We use three different sizes of images here at Mudd:

  • A rectangular ad which can be placed anywhere that it will fit
  • A skyscraper ad, which is tall and skinny, usually placed along the left or right side of the page
  • A leaderboard ad, which is short and wide, typically located along the top and bottom of the page

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are basically image ads that are targeted for people who have already visited your site. When someone visits your site, then continues on to other sites, it will show your ad on those other sites. Cool huh?

Video Ads

Video Ads are often shown on popular Google network video sites such as YouTube. We have two different kind of video ads: PreRoll and TrueView. A PreRoll ad is a non-skippable video ad. A TrueView ad is a skippable video ad that. In TrueView, you get charged when someone watches the entire video. In circumstances where someone watches the whole ad and skips through the last second, they get to see the entire ad and you do not get charged!

TrueView Skippable Ad

Engagement Ads

Engagement ads are a combination of an image ad and a video ad. It will display the image ad, and when the user hovers the curser over the image ad, a video ad will pop up. You pay when a customer becomes engaged with the image ad and watches the video ad. This allows you to only be charged for customers who are truly interested in your brand or product.


All of these ads can be very effective in creating awareness for your companies brand or product! Learn more about our Display Advertising services or contact us now.



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