Create Brand Cohesion


A brand isn’t just the name of your company, it’s every single component that makes up your company from your logo to your products. Your brand isn’t even just about the tangibles, it is also how it makes your customers feel. The key to a successful brand includes brand objectives, a cohesive message and look as well as brand identity. What makes your brand different from others? Find out, then use that as your key market advantage. The first part of establishing a strong brand is figuring out how you want your brand portrayed. The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:

• Delivers the message clearly
• Confirms your credibility
• Connects your target prospects emotionally
• Motivates the buyer
• Concretes User Loyalty

Your brand should be clearly visible in all aspects of your marketing: logo, in-store POP, commercials, radio and print. It should be cohesive with colors, fonts, graphics and voice.


Think about some successful brands and take a look at how they accomplish a strong identity. Apple, for one has a very strong brand image. Their brand experience extends from their logo to their sleek in-store displays. How do they accomplish this? By having brand cohesiveness and telling a story. It’s not only about their products (which are phenomenal in my opinion), but about the way they market their products. They market their products in a way that tells a story and captivates you. 

The most important way to successfully brand your company is to create brand cohesion. Make a branding guideline and stick to it. 


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