Building Trust Through Blogging

Blogging is a great way to get your voice out to the world. A vast majority of people are involved in blogging, whether it be writing, reading or responding to other blogging content. There’s no doubt that blogging is an excellent way to get what you think is important heard by people you’re wanting to reach.

One of the beauties of blogging is that similar to other digital outlets, it allows everyone to have a voice and be heard. Perhaps an even better quality of blogging is that it allows businesses to build credibility without coming off as pushy sales people.

After looking at a blog for a car dealership from the northeast area of the country, I was able to see what makes a good blog and how that benefits the writer (in this case a car dealer). This particular blog provided viewers with tips on vehicle maintenance, good vehicle purchasing practices and other posts that were useful to the average car buyer or owner. While many posts also commonly featured the theme of why buy this brand prevails over a competitor, the feel of the writing wasn’t one of a sales pitch, but rather of a concerned onlooker.

As I read more and more through each post, I never once felt like someone was trying to sell me something but rather that a concerned “authority figure” was looking out for my well-being by providing knowledge from life experiences.

In essence, they gained my trust by providing me with knowledge that I may not have had before while at the same time changing my perspective of them as just a business to someone that actually cares. Building this kind of trust is essential to anyone in a sales role. After all, if the buyer doesn’t think you have their best interest at heart, why would they consider giving you their business?

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