A TargetClicks Intern’s Take: Culture Makes a Difference

I’ve been an intern at TargetClick for a little over a week now. From day one, the thing that strikes me most about this place is the passion the team has for what they are doing. As an almost-college-graduate, I’m aware that company culture is an extremely important part of the working environment.

TargetClick culture
I mean, look at those studs reppin’ their TargetClick gear proudly.


It’s so comforting and inspiring to know that when I come in each day, I’ll be working with people who aren’t here to just fill the hours from 9-5. They are here because they are driven by what they do and are passionate about the success of their clients and each of the services they provide.

From Reputation Management to Social Media strategies and everything in between, the TargetClick team infuses vitality and excitement into everything they do.  When you’re prepping for college graduation and getting ready to head out into the working world, there’s the occasional panic attack that makes you feel like all your dreams and ambitions are going to fall to the wayside when you settle into a regular work schedule. Being part of the TargetClick team has helped alleviate those fears and made me realize that, if you’re doing something you care about; your dreams don’t have to dissipate even a little.

Not only is that a really cool concept, but it makes learning the parts of the industry I was unfamiliar with much easier and more exciting.  From learning a lot about SEO to refining and stretching my social media and copywriting skills to new bounds, I’ve appreciated the support and trust that TargetClick puts in their interns.

The power in working with a team that is passionate and unafraid to push limits is most evident in the returns their campaigns see for their clients. While I was working on a case study for a blog’s success, I saw that traffic had increased 500% since the blog had started. Needless to say, I was impressed by the numbers. However, I was more impressed with how excited the team was about how all the parts of the campaign had come together to bring success for the client.

Trish Dorman, a comrade in the TargetClick internship process, said her experience confirmed what I’ve come to know about the team in a short time:

We learn by doing, and I couldn’t have learned the digital marketing world any better than at TargetClick.  Not only was this internship more than worthwhile academically, I also met some wonderful people that were first co-workers, and now friends.”

I’m excited to see what the rest of my time here at TargetClick brings, but one thing I don’t doubt a bit is that whatever I’m doing, it will be infused with excitement, innovation and passion. The TargetClick team wouldn’t let me operate any other way.


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