A Year of Backlinks: Welcome to the Weird Side of the Internet

A few weeks ago I had the idea to create a blog dedicated to all of the wonderful backlinks, spam and other random things  I come across on a daily basis. I’m still convinced that it would be a great idea, but the amount of time it would take to create and maintain would detract from some other projects, so instead I present my best findings to you. Welcome to the weird side of the internet.

Start the countdown!

#10. A beautiful navigation.




#9. “He called weapons!”




#8. Jenni S-Hertogenbosch on barbarianism, cats, dogs, and Nikes.




#7. Another beautiful & beneficial navigation.




#6. Thank you, internet.




#5. “I’m looking ahead to touch you.”




#4. The bad car wash.




#3. This honest webmaster’s FAQ page.




#2. These people that need your help.



#1. This guy.



^Because when it comes to spam, you just have to shrug and smile.

Feature image credit:  Arnold Gatilao [Flickr]

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