We’ve Been Bad about Blogging so our New Year’s Resolution starts today!

I know that New Year’s resolutions are traditionally reserved for, well, the “new year.”  But I thought we’d get a head start.  You may have noticed that our blogging efforts started out strong, then dwindled a bit and now, they’re absolutely dismal.  For this, we are sincerely sorry.  As a small business, sometimes we have to focus on working in the business, not on the business. You know, we have to focus on our client work, the stuff that sustains our cash flow, which in turn, sustains our business.  Unfortunately, that kind of makes us hypocrites who don’t practice what we preach.  It’s kind of like the shoemaker’s kids who don’t have any shoes.  We counsel our clients on the best way to maintain their online presence, socially and professionally.  We tell them how important it is to make time to connect with their target publics.  We even help them understand the importance of writing regularly to establish themselves as experts in their industries.  But we haven’t done the same.

But things are about to change! We’re going to step up our efforts and bring you the information you expect and deserve.  Expect regular posts regarding search engine optimization, pay per click, local search marketing, content marketing and social media. We’ll also share stories about our growth, our challenges, our community involvement and more.  When you have questions or suggestions, we hope you’ll post them on our blog or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, email, phone, fax, snail mail, pony express or smoke signals.  And we’ll respond in the same way so think twice about the smoke signals.  We most certainly expect that you’ll keep us accountable to this resolution so please, please feel free to leave encouraging comments, loving notes or downright demanding comments if you don’t think we’re posting enough.

We are dedicated to being your resource for information and advice. This won’t be waiting until the new year, either. It’s starting now! @gregjass, @DougDrees and @tckuster are here to serve you in any way we can.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Personal or professional? Share them in the comments and get started now! Who says you have to wait until January 1?



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