Can We get a +1 for Google+?

It was only a matter of time until Google joined the trend of social media being the wave of the future in regards to online marketing and search driven results. I do have to admit that it took them a while to figure out how to create something to get involved in the social media game, and they really can only blame themselves for waiting so long to get on board.  Regardless as to when, why, and how, Google has seamlessly made a place for itself at the social media high-rollers table. The bottom line for online marketers and e-commerce driven companies is to follow suit and Google+ their world. Google+ may not have the same magnitude of users as Facebook just yet, but pay close attention in the coming weeks and months. As you can see from the graph provided below  (created by Todd Wasserman of Mashable), Google+ is the fastest ever growing social network when comparing it to other social media phenomenon’s. This graph shows that it took MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook several years to accomplish what Google+ did, in terms of site visitors, in about two months.  That’s right, Google’s social media network is the fastest growing network ever, reaching more than 62 million users in just less than one year.  The craziest part about it is that the emergence doesn’t end there; they are projected to have 400+ million by the end of 2012. If the world’s number one search engine creates a social media network showing that much potential, than it is definitely worth paying attention to. Joining this new and expanding site is also beneficial for companies to get out of the noisy Twitter roll or Facebook newsfeeds. With more than 62-million users, and not many companies pulling a quick trigger on Google+, it provides a rich opportunity to make some headway in a cluttered industry There are many fundamental features that differentiate Google+ from its competitors, and I could really go on all day comparing and contrasting these differences. However, Google has created something never seen before but I believe that it can be narrowed down to three all-encompassing reasons why any company should have a Google+ account:

+1:  A breadth of consumer appeal

Increasing the various sources of where internet users can find your information is crucial for many reasons, but most importantly it provides the ability to reach consumers that may not be on Facebook, Twitter or any other major social networking sites.

+2:  Attractive sales potential

I must first preface this by pointing out that Google+ is by no means a ‘juggernaut’ in terms of it being a sales generation network. It is important for us to must respect the fact that in the grand scheme of things this is still a socially driven site with search following closely as a significant subcomponent. With that said, when someone +1’s you, either they proceed to purchase your product or simply continue browsing the internet. Even if the interaction does not result in a sale, it is still a positive endorsement from the user. Despite that interaction not resulting in a sale, the user is still building awareness about your company by sharing your content with their own networks through Google Search, Plus Your World.

+3:  Increased search rankings

The revolutionary aspect that Google has brought to the forefront is the introduction of a social model that will drive search engine results. Meaning that if your competitor is on Google+ and you are not, the +1’s they gain will naturally give them leverage in making their way up the search engine rankings. This is a phenomenal feat that no other social network has been able to seamlessly (literally) translate into search results. Many refer to this as “social search,” Google likes to call it Search, plus Your World. This is a ‘game changer’ as they say.

What this means is when someone searches for something on Google [if logged into Google+], they see the activity and postings of their different Google+ circles from various sites such as YouTube, Amazon and Tumblr, for example. Essentially people can now see personal activity, profiles, and related material in Google’s search engine all drawn in from Google+. Just as anything else, there are a tremendous amount of skeptics of Google+ claiming that it is far too similar to Facebook. Nonetheless, Google+ is different enough that it has the potential to make up some ground in the social media market. Being the first on Google+ is crucial in gaining the market of followers available, before your  competitors crowd the network. It’s pretty easy to see the advantages it provides as an SEO tool. So what are you waiting for, create your Google+ account today and watch the +1’s stack up.