60 Second site audit

When performing an audit of your site, there are a few key areas to focus on. First and foremost, each page should have one clear keyword topic to avoid cannibalization. Careful not to repeat that keyword multiple times on the page, as that could be indicative of spam. Take a look at how your site navigation is arranged. Are the most important pages easily accessible to visitors? Your visitors should know where to go to find the information they’re looking for. Are you using headings? Users tend to scan the page first to determine if it is actually worth reading, so your headings can make or break your page. These simple areas of your site can make a world of difference to users.

Key points to remember:
– Key areas to focus on when auditing your site
– Focus on one keyword topic per page and be careful not to repeat it excessively
– Make sure your most important pages are accessible and easy to find
– Consider using headers, as users will likely scan the page first before committing to read it
– These simple areas can make a world of difference on your site


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