Your ads will always be up-to-date and will only feature vehicles that are in your inventory. Generic, one-size-fits-all ads are a thing of the past. To get MORE LEADS from personalized ads that target people who are ready to buy - you want The NINJA SUITE®
With VIN NINJA®, your dealership gets cost-effective online advertising that’s highly targeted and automated. And your customers enjoy accurate inventory listings that eliminate potentially frustrating issues, such as model availability and pricing.
  • VIN NINJA® is an exclusive online ad generator that makes your entire inventory available on Google and BING!
  • VIN NINJA® updates live with your inventory feed so all of your inventory is always available.
  • Once a vehicle sells, it is removed from the feed.
New VIN Ninja Example
Upgrade to VIN NINJA with Payments® because up to 80% of vehicle consumers shop by payments. Based on an Automotive News study 21.6% of automotive consumers pay cash and 78.4% finance.!

Users see a VIN-specific ad WITH A PAYMENT, which drives them to a Search Results Page (SRP) or Vehicle Details Page (VDP).

PLUS, users can change their price range and see all inventory that fits their budget.

vin ninja with payments example 2
  • Retarget customers on the web with the exact inventory they
    were previously viewing
  • Re-engages the customer with the inventory most relevant to
    their interests
retarget ninja example
News Websites
On Facebook, the shopper is served ads for the same vehicles they viewed on the dealer’s website!
  • Retarget customers on Facebook with the exact inventory they were
    previously viewing
  • Re-engages the customer with your inventory
Pulls VINs directly from your inventory into various video ad units on multiple media platforms. These dynamic video ads complement the tried-and-true MuddTV® video strategy used daily by Mudd clients across the country. VIDEO NINJA® Ads include a model and dealer-selected offers, VINs directly from the dealer’s inventory, and Dealership information.
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