What is a VDP?

VDP stands for “Vehicle Display Page” or “Vehicle Details Page.” It is a web page that displays the information, images, etc. of a single vehicle in an automotive dealer’s inventory.

The heading the VDP usually consists of the year, make, model and Trim of the vehicle, occasionally preceded by the condition (e.g. “New, Used, Certified”). Images of the vehicle are typically displayed just below the heading. The price of the vehicle may be prominently displayed either next to the heading or next to the primary image. The contact details and a lead form are another key feature of VDPs.

Among other information, VDPs may include:

  • A general description of the vehicle
  • VIN
  • Stock number
  • Body style
  • Fuel economy
  • Transmission
  • Exterior and interior colors
  • Engine type
  • Mileage
  • Other more detailed vehicle specifications

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