What Does Your POP Look Like?

There was an article featured in AdAge recently that caught my eye.  Although you can hop on over and check it out yourself (‘Get Inside A Customer’s Mind, at the Moment Your Message Appears‘), the main takeaway is this: point of purchase advertising is imperative to your success.  Why?  Because you know what the person is doing at the precise moment they see that POP – They are interested in a product that you offer, or better yet, they might even be thinking about purchasing that product.

Point of Purchase promotions ensure that your advertising campaign is consistent from the first awareness piece your customers receive to their final steps they take in the store before making a purchase.

With POP it is especially important to modify your message to fit with what your customer is likely thinking and feeling at the store.  How can your POP signage dispel any concerns your customers are currently working through in their minds?  How can you best utilize the POP space to inspire your customers to take action? 

 By reminding people about the benefits of your products at the point of purchase, it may give them the extra nudge they need to transform from browser to buyer.

Why else are POP advertisements effective? They’re multi-sensory.  Not only can you see the new Chrysler 300 on a poster, you can run your hand across the hood of the vehicle.  You can see the navigation system.  You can sit behind the wheel.

Potential buyers don’t have to imagine what it would be like to be the model in the advertisement; they can experience it themselves.

Here at Mudd, we’re fortunate to have our own point-of-purchase promotional graphics business located on site at our Cedar Falls campus.  The men at Mudd Signs are experts.  They develop POP that not only stands out, it works.

These guys can handle whatever you throw at them.  Recently, Mudd Signs knocked it out of the park with a national campaign.  Singlehandedly, they printed:

  • 2,508 banners
  • 94,500 car tags
  • 10,000+ posters
  • 9,800 window clings
  • 95,000 balloons

And then sorted and shipped all of these pieces to 2,508 dealers nationwide.  Highly impressive, right?  Yet this is just another great illustration of the ridiculously strong work ethic we possess here at Mudd.  We’re dedicated to serving you and exceeding any expectations you have with each and every campaign we work on for you.


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