“We Love it When You Succeed”

As I sit in my business and communication classes at the University of Northern Iowa, I learn all about theories, methods and concepts that have to do with being a successful manager and a successful organization. One question that has always popped into my head after looking at diagrams, charts and figures is: “How do managers and organizations succeed with so many different people and opinions working to achieve the same goals?” Yes, there are many different technical strategies and methods that would sufficiently answer my seemingly simple question, but I have learned that the answer isn’t as black and white as my professors make it out to be.

For Mudd Advertising, culture is the secret to success. I learned this secret early on in my internship, and it’s not because someone whispered it to me. This is something I learned simply by being here. Mudd’s motto is “We love it when you succeed,” and they aren’t just saying that for a good hashtag. This motto is lived and breathed by all Mudd employees. As an intern, I always felt support from the entire digital team, no matter what “odd job” fell into my lap.

When I use the term “odd job,” I don’t mean random, useless tasks that serve no purpose. I had the privilege of working on a variety of projects from a variety of people, and I learned something new with each of those tasks. This is where that very special culture of Mudd Advertising comes into play. No matter the job, I always felt the importance of what I was doing. Maybe I played an extremely minimal role in a much larger production, but I always knew that my role was helping that production be the very best it could be.

And that was the answer to my question. There is something very empowering about your managers trusting you with a task that you may not feel totally confident with in the beginning. That’s exactly what internships, as well as “real jobs,” are all about—learning. My managers were all invested in my success. Whether they cared simply for the greater good of the company or to make sure their own work was completed, they were constantly committed to helping me succeed.

Similar to other organizations, Mudd is comprised of a diverse group of employees. These employees all have one goal in common: To help Mudd Advertising succeed. Culture is the defining element in fostering that success. It’s the clapping and cheering for a job well-done, it’s the gung-ho shout outs, the “good jobs,” “thank-yous” and high-fives. It’s in the motto, “We love it when you succeed.”

Thank you, Mudd Advertising, for an unforgettable internship experience and for teaching me what it takes to be successful.


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