Wake-Up Call in NYC Part III: Keeping That Relationship

The trip is over. We are back to phone calls and emails. Texting here and there. We know that relationships are so important in every single facet of your business. There are so many evolving ways to communicate and they will continue to expand, but the face to face will always trump all other methods.

At Mudd, we have the latest technology for communication at our fingertips. With multiple sales office locations and clients nationwide and across borders, we need to have any way of communication available. We have HD video conferencing from our offices – with big screens it is almost like they are here with us. So crisp and clear.  Our office phones have video screens to talk face to face on the phone. We have smartphones, are encouraged to use our social media, and managers have ipads.

We’ve recently developed MuddTV – which is live video streaming online to allow us to communicate to clients with multiple locations visually too – and an interactive component to discuss dialogue. We also use it for free training and speakers for clients. Needless to say, we take communication with ourselves and our clients very seriously. We also know that all of these devices are mere in-betweeners to get us by for the next visit.

There’s a truth that occurs when you are meeting with someone, especially when you’ve communicated with them in other ways beforehand. You get the full five senses experience of who they are and the environment they are in, and vice versa. Your enthusiasm and sincerity is exuded and received more genuinely. Rather than just sensing it with your voice, they can also see it in your eyes. A face to a name and voice. I can only imagine what our airline miles and rental car accounts must look like, and they are indeed worth it. We also love it when clients come here. It’s like having friends over for dinner. We get to have everyone meet the teams, see our studio and layout, and receive real hospitality.

We recently had a dear friend, Bob Clark, come visit and talk to us about this topic- the power of relationships. He had a wonderful Gung Ho presentation and his laugh is contagious. At the end of the day, it’s the relationships you have that mean the most. It’s what makes the world go round and is the very best part of our business. When you love to see others succeed, and be a part of that success with them, it makes every part of this career worthwhile. Being a part of a team who feels exactly the same way is priceless.


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