Vine Your Way to Social Media Marketing Success

Vine. The latest social media craze was launched by Twitter on January 25th and has spread like wild fire over the past few months. Vine is a mobile app in which the user can create video posts up to six seconds long. The capability to stop and start the video while recording gives the posts a kind of stop-motion feel. Once the video is posted it plays on a constant loop. Vine allows the video to be shared within the app, on Twitter or Facebook, and also gives the option to embed the video on a webpage. So, what is the future of Vine in a social media marketing sense?

From a marketer’s standpoint, Vine creates a great opportunity for businesses. The main goal of an ad is to capture the viewers’ attention and, let’s be honest, there is a small window where that’s possible before the viewer gets bored. This is especially true online, and maybe the truest where social media is concerned. Vine’s brief videos give businesses that perfect amount of time to grab audience attention. The real challenge is if the business will be successful in leaving a lasting impression in that quick window of opportunity.

The true beauty that I see in Vine is that it forces businesses to get creative. They need capture attention and portray an idea to a viewer in six quick seconds. That tiny time frame is forcing businesses to think outside the box to maximize Vine’s potential. Getting creative on Vine can help set a business apart and get consumers talking about their brand. Plus, it’s a great way for businesses to showcase their personality in a fun, relevant way.

In addition to challenging the creativity of marketers, Vine is taking video sharing to a whole different level in an advertising sense. The videos require different marketing tactics than video sharing on, say, YouTube since it would be silly to have pre-roll before a six second clip. Also, as of now there aren’t promoted post like the ones that can be seen on Twitter.

Scoping out the app is definitely a must, and regardless of whether or not Vine sees long-term success, I would recommend hopping on the bandwagon while it’s here. After all, staying on top of the trends is kind of what social media marketing is all about. So I challenge you, what epic story can you tell in six seconds?

Download the app here and get to “Vining”.


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