What is VIN NINJA™?

VIN NINJA™ creates text ads in AdWords and Bing for each unique condition-year-make-model combination in a dealer’s inventory.

When a new condition-year-make-model combination appears in a dealer’s inventory, a new ad is created.

When a combination no longer exists in the dealer’s inventory (e.g. because all vehicles of that combination have been sold) VIN NINJA™ pauses the corresponding ad.

If the combination reappears in the dealer’s inventory, the ad is updated with the new information and is re-enabled.

Where does VIN NINJA™ get the inventory information?

VIN NINJA™ acquires it’s inventory information from Mudd’s HomeNet IOL Lite account.

How does VIN NINJA™ create vehicle-specific ads?

VIN NINJA™ inserts information related to a specific vehicle into each ad. The information can include:

  • condition
  • year
  • make
  • model
  • price
  • miles
  • exterior color
  • location (i.e. the city in which the dealership is located)
  • body type (e.g. sedan)
  • trim

What do VIN NINJA™ ads look like?

VIN NINJA™ attempts to create the best possible ad using vehicle-specific information. Because AdWords and Bing have strict character limits on ads, the placement and amount of vehicle-specific information may vary from ad to ad. For example, headlines are limited to 25 characters. So, the headline New 2017 Chrysler 200, at 21 characters, fits within the headline limits. However, the headline New 2017 Chrysler Town & Country, at 32 characters, could not be used. So, VIN NINJA™ might shorten the headline to New 2017 Town & Country (23 characters).

Examples of VIN NINJA™ ads


Can I customize my ads?

The power of VIN NINJA™ is in its ability to create unique ads dynamically customized to each vehicle in your inventory. Because these ads are dynamically created and managed automatically, manual manipulation of the ads is not possible.

What ad extensions are added to VIN NINJA™ ads?

We add the following ad extensions to VIN NINJA™ campaigns.

  • Sitelinks
  • Call extensions
  • Location extensions

Remember that adding ad extensions to a campaign does not guarantee that the extensions will display in your ads. Google chooses which, if any, of your available ad extensions to display with your ads.

When there are multiple vehicles of the same condition, year, make and model, which vehicle does VIN NINJA™ use for the ad?

When a dealer’s inventory includes multiple vehicles of the same condition-year-make-model combination, VIN NINJA™ uses the information from the vehicle with the lowest price.

To what pages does VIN NINJA™ send visitors?

For most clients, VIN NINJA™ will send visitors to a vehicle search results page. When possible, results are sorted by price to display the vehicle that matches the VIN NINJA™ ad at the top of the results.


When only one vehicle is returned for a search, some content management systems (e.g. Cobalt/CDK) will redirect the visitor to the VDP. So, even in cases where we send visitors to a search results page, the visitor may actually end up on a VDP.

Can VIN NINJA™ send visitors to a VDP?

Most dealership websites identify each vehicle using their own internal IDs. These IDs are assigned by the website and are unrelated to the vehicle itself, e.g. 8643791567. HomeNet collects and sends only data that pertains to the vehicle itself. So, these website IDs are not available through HomeNet. Consequently, it is usually not possible to build a VDP from the data received from HomeNet. And consequently, for most dealers VIN NINJA™ will not be able to send visitors to VDPs.

Even if a dealer’s website builds VDPs using only vehicle-related information, we do not recommend sending visitors directly to VDPs. Often, the source of the inventory data may not match the inventory that is available on the website. For example, if the dealer’s website hasn’t yet been updated with the latest inventory data, some inventory may not yet appear on the website. VIN NINJA™ would receive the information about these vehicles, create ads, and send visitors to pages that don’t yet exist on the dealer’s website. In other words, visitors would click on an ad expecting to see the vehicle mentioned in the ad. But instead, they would see a message like, “Page Not Found”.

By sending visitors to a vehicle search results page (rather than to a VDP), visitors may still see vehicles of the same year, make and model even if the specific vehicle mentioned in the ad hasn’t yet been added to the website.

Can VIN NINJA™ use the dealer’s HomeNet account?

VIN NINJA™ retrieves its inventory data exclusively from Mudd’s HomeNet account. Consequently, it is not possible to use a dealer’s HomeNet account in place of Mudd’s.

However, Mudd’s HomeNet account can retrieve the dealer’s inventory from the dealer’s HomeNet account. On the VIN NINJA™ sign-up form, set the data source to HomeNet. HomeNet will then copy the dealer’s inventory data from the dealer’s HomeNet account into Mudd’s.

How is the recommended budget calculated?

The calculation of your budget recommendation starts with the average CPC and the average number of clicks per capita of all VIN NINJA™ campaigns. When you enter your zip code and the radius you want to target, we retrieve the populations of the zip codes within that radius. We then multiply the total targeted population by the average CPC and average number of clicks per capita. To this number, we then add the management fee.

([total targeted population] * [cpc] * [clicks per capita]) + [management fee] = [recommended budget]

Do you track conversions?

Where possible, we track both form submissions and phone calls. We track both form submissions and phone calls by placing code on the dealership’s website. To track phone calls, the call tracking code dynamically replaces the phone numbers on the website with call-tracking phone numbers. We assign a single unique call-tracking phone number to each VIN NINJA™ campaign.

What performance can I expect from my VIN NINJA™ campaigns?

While we can’t guarantee specific performance, below are some average statistics from previous VIN NINJA™ campaigns.

Avg. CPC$1.12
Avg. Pos.4.13
Conv. Rate2.93%


How many clicks will I get?

The number of clicks your campaigns receive will vary and will depend on two factors:

  • Your budget
  • The competitiveness of your market

Your budget determines the total amount you’ll spend on your ads. The competitiveness of your market determines, to large extent, the amount you’ll pay per click and the position of your ad in search results. Because the competitiveness of the ad marketplace is constantly changing, the position of your ads and the cost for each click is also constantly changing.

Fortunately, we use an advanced algorithm developed by an aerospace engineer to obtain the most clicks possible for your budget. This means you’re always getting the most for your money.

What will my reports look like?

Reports will look similar to this.

Can I see the performance of my VIN NINJA™ campaigns in Google Analytics?

Much of the performance data of your VIN NINJA™ campaign will be available in Google Analytics. Some of the data includes:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Cost
  • CTR
  • Avg. CPC
  • Conversions
    • Form submissions
    • Phone calls
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per conversion
  • Sessions
  • Pageviews
  • Other data as recorded by Google Analytics

Where do I sign up?

Start by getting a budget recommendation. From there, you’ll be guided through the sign-up process.