Peruse our unique production capabilities and see what we can create for you.

Are you considering a commercial spot to highlight a sales event or service? Maybe you want to test the waters with a simple Spotify or Pandora ad but aren’t sure where to start.

No matter what you need to complement or even drive your campaign, our studio is more than capable of producing it for you. We create thousands of TV ads, radio ads, and web videos for our clients each year.

Speedy Spot Productions

Under a time crunch? Some are under the impression that production time is lengthy and not worth the investment. At Mudd Advertising, we understand the need for speed in the retail space – and have created an extremely efficient production process that allows for rapid fire turnaround time. Your spot will be ready to launch for that special sales event or the start of your campaign!

With our 3,132 square-foot studio and state-of-the-art digital post-production facility, our capabilities are endless… but enough about us. You’re the star of this show.


In this era of infinite options for consumers to access their information and entertainment, radio often gets underestimated as an effective source to reach them. We get asked a lot, “Does anyone even listen to the radio anymore?!”

They sure do! In fact, radio is still the second most powerful medium in the nation and 59% of the entire population is exposed to radio on a daily basis. What better way to reach your customers’ ears than with radio advertising?

We’ve been creating radio ads since opening our doors in 1981 and have invaluable experience in effective retail advertising for radio. If you’re looking to reach your customers through radio, we’re the crew to call.

What about Digital Radio?

If you’re still thinking radio advertising is outdated, think again! Wildly popular digital radio apps Pandora and Spotify have created a renewed interest in audio ads to reach a younger, more tech-savvy demographic. Our decades of experience with radio – coupled with our understanding of digital media make Mudd Advertising the perfect production partner for your digital radio campaign.


They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s probably why television has always been a trusted source among consumers, if not themost trusted. American consumers consistently rank television as their top way to learn about new products and brands. The confidence consumers have in television makes this method of advertising an incredible opportunity to paint a picture for your brand or business with impactful imagery and convey your marketing message in a meaningful way.

Whatever type of television spot you want to produce, we can help direct you to success. Mudd Advertising has decades of experience producing effective television ads for automotive dealers. With our state-of-the-art studio, talented staff, and extensive in-house production resources, we can quickly create TV ads that seamlessly integrate into larger promotions and campaigns.

What about Web Videos?

We know that consumers view their favorite programs in different ways. That’s why our video productions also include a wide variety of digital video formats for web distribution. Whether you’re producing ads for YouTube or special videos for your website or Brandcasting™ page, Mudd Advertising has got you covered.

Visual Design

Visual design is one of the most important elements to achieve a professional look that communicates quality to your customers.

We do all of our own visual design – from TV graphics, visual effects, websites, animation, logos, print, POP and more. That’s one of the secrets of our lightning-quick production team – our creatives work closely together and produce everything in-house.


Animation helps great ideas come to life. Whether you want something as simple as a spinning logo or as complex as your likeness being recreated as a cartoon character, our graphic artists have talent as well as the capabilities to get it done.

Your TV and Web videos soar to new heights with exciting motion graphics and 3D animations. At Mudd Advertising, our team uses powerful software tools such as Cinema 4D and After Effects to create eye-catching animated visuals that really capture a viewer’s attention. Whether it’s a short logo animation for an end tag or a fully animated web video – we can deliver engaging visual content that will help sell your message to your customers.

Studio Production

When most people picture a production studio, they envision it being in Hollywood. We actually house world-class video production facilities that are capable of creating star-quality spots right here in the Midwest!

The possibilities are endless with our large video production studio. Whether it’s a quick green screen shoot, a corporate event, a live webcast, or an elaborate production with lighting and set design, Mudd Studios can make it happen.

What Will Fit in Our Studio?

No idea is too big for us to undertake. We’ve got 3,132 square feet of space to play around with. Here are a few things we’ve filmed in our spacious production studio:

  • A rock band with lighting and speaker towers
  • Three full-size pickup trucks
  • An entire cheerleading squad
  • A combine grain harvester
  • A front-loading sanitation truck
  • The set for a TV talk show
  • 200 enthusiastic Mudd employees

Are you ready for your business to take center stage? Now is your time to shine! Contact us today for your free production quote.

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