Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Business

You don’t have to be told how important a social presence is to your business. You’ve probably set up a Facebook fan page, created a Twitter account and perhaps even a Google+ to boost your search rankings. These things are crucial and a very good start. However, there is another up-and-coming social element that you may be missing in your social mix.

If you’re a business professional, you’ve undoubtedly come across the networking site LinkedIn. This social platform has been around for nearly a decade but has been fairly slow at growing its user base. The site was founded in 2003 and reached 175 million users just this past summer.

Of course, we all know LinkedIn as a great way to network with fellow business professionals and to screen potential hires or seek job opportunities for oneself. However, LinkenIn also holds a substantial amount of untapped potential for a business in generating valuable sales leads. For instance, 59% of all LinkedIn users earn more than $50k a year and 36% earn over $100k annually. Certainly, there are fewer users than other major players in social (one billion users on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter). However, the average user on LinkedIn is more affluent and educated in comparison to average users of Facebook and Twitter. Your business’s presence on the professional networking site LinkedIn can allow you to net a profit from this incredibly targeted audience.

How do you do this?  Brian Carter, author of the new book LinkedIn for Business, spills some secrets:

First, set up a routine.  Create an editorial calendar. Allocate different individuals to making different types of posts on different days. Recommended actions include networking (finding other professionals related to your organization or industry), adding content to your company page and profile (typically one or two times a week) and participating in LinkedIn groups and replying to posts when appropriate.

Next, generate leads with LinkedIn Groups. Simply from viewing your LinkedIn newsfeed, it’s evident that not as much social chatter among connections occurs as often as on other social networks like Facebook.  The real action occurs in LinkedIn Groups.  One of the best ways to make impressions and new connections is by contributing to discussions in relevant groups. For example, if you own a car dealership, you may consider actively engaging in the Automotive News group. This group is comprised of over 20,000 individuals and serves as a top news source for all things automotive. It keeps you in front of the eyes of people who might consider purchasing from you or could potentially become a resource or even an ally in this incredibly competitive industry.

In short, they key to  using LinkedIn for business is to remain visible as well as a resource for other users so that they find value in your organization and the products or services you could potentially provide to them.

Lenna Curry is a Digital Marketing Specialist at TargetClick – Powered by Mudd Advertising. Contact her at to learn more about using LinkedIn for business and other social media strategy services.

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