United in Helping the Cedar Valley Succeed


For the last several Decembers, Mudd Advertising has sponsored a company-wide food drive to support the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Each year proves to be a powerful reminder of the true impact a small group of committed people can have.

During our 2012 Food Drive, Mudd employees united to donate over 1,600 items and $868 to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Of course we were thrilled with the amount we were able to raise, but we were even more excited when we learned that the Food Bank would be able to extend each of those donated dollars to buy about $12 worth of items – meaning that the $868 will have the impact of more than $10,000!

While we strive to lend a hand however we can, Mudd is just one of several businesses within the Cedar Valley united in a greater mission of helping our community succeed. Countless businesses across the Cedar Valley held food drives this holiday season, and it is because of the combined efforts of all of these businesses that hundreds of Cedar Valley families will be able to benefit from all the Northeast Iowa Food Bank provides.

Here at Mudd we feel fortunate that we’re able to call the Cedar Valley home and to be a part of such an amazing and altruistic community.

Thank you for all that you do, Cedar Valley.

Let’s make 2013 even brighter.


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