Two Minutes, Three Seconds

In this fast-paced, zero to 60 second, whirlwind we call life, time stood still for exactly 2 minutes, 3 seconds on Sunday, February 3. It’s all thanks to Chrysler’s “Farmer” Super Bowl ad that touched home for millions of Americans that night – and it’s a sure bet there wasn’t a dry eye left after the commercial concluded.

The message touched home with us as well. We are all interconnected in one way or another and some would even joke that the phrase “it’s a small world” can be traced to the Midwest. As a preferred vendor for Chrysler, we not only wanted to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Chrysler and their team, but a great, yet humble thank you for this breathtaking piece of creative.


The ad provided a tremendous increase in search activity immediately following its appearance, an increase of about 55 percent, according to The ad resonated with many Americans, engaging with them enough to look at Chrysler a little deeper. From an advertising perspective, creating that big of a jump in search activity is an art many try to master and cannot achieve.

Between the photos that displayed a farmer’s hardworking mentality, and the great Paul Harvey’s voice over, struck a chord with us. Being based in the Midwest ourselves, in a prominent farming community – taking pride in one’s roots is something we value every day, and we know this advertisement meant something to everyone. Whether it makes a suburban resident pause to appreciate having the ability to grab fresh produce from the grocery store today, or makes anyone rising before the sun the next morning just a little bit easier. That work ethic is realized and appreciated.

For 2 minutes, 3 seconds it made every household silent on a Sunday night. It created unity, a proud feeling and one simple, sincere thought – “thank you for making a farmer.”

From one business partner to another, thank you for remembering the hardworking Americans. Job well done.


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