Trends To Expect In Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl is one of the largest watched televised events of the year.  With this year being the 50th Anniversary, according to media buyers a 30 second spot could cost roughly around 5 million dollars. It is expected that this year’s Super Bowl could top $400 Million, with nearly 50 minutes of total TV advertising. Along with the anticipation of the two teams, there is another factor that brings in the viewers–the commercials. The Super Bowl is no longer just focused on the game itself; it is a month long of anticipation with each other through digital engagements and products that we use in our everyday lives.

As a viewer we want to be engaged and connected with the commercials that are being shown. The marketing that goes behind this big event is outstanding. One thing that the Super Bowl does really well is engaging with its consumers. Here are some predictions on trends from a marketer’s perspective from one of our digital team members:

  • Digital/Virtual Reality experiences – Towards the end of the year of 2015, we were introduced to some fantastic steps into the future– virtual reality, that is. Many things like Google Cardboard and 360 video makes us feel engaged and immersed in whatever environment is in front of us. From exploring different countries to even touring the White House, virtual reality will have a huge impact on advertising in the upcoming year. I predict that at least one commercial will feature a virtual reality aspect during this year’s Super Bowl to pull in engagement from viewers.
  • Just like the Digital/Virtual Reality route, livestream became very popular towards the end of the year when trying to engage viewers. Apps such as Periscope and Twitter are now using livestream, as well as Facebook with livestreaming products for brand awareness. This platform allows for brands and audiences to get the most out of their engagement.  Brands can put themselves in a position to engage audiences for longer periods using video content and livestreaming.
  • This year’s Super Bowl will be packed with newly released models of automated vehicles. From driverless cars, to self-parking- the car industry will be booming this year with its futuristic technologies.
  • Social Media. With a vast majority of viewers using their smartphone during the big game, social media will play a huge role with consumer engagement. Social strategies have become a major driving force for these trends to succeed. With social media today, it has evolved to resemble a form of storytelling from the consumer’s perspective vs to just posting your product.

What trends are you expecting to see play out from this year’s big game? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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