Three Things You Should Never Buy on the Cheap

Digital Campaign SuccessThis is always a wonderful exercise as inevitably the list goes from three to thirty in a few moments of thought.  However, there are three immediate ones that come to mind to me:

  1. Toilet Paper – I mean, really.  We all know what cheap paper products yield:  a real pain in the you know what.
  2. A Parachute – DUH!  Never skimp on a parachute.
  3. A Certified Digital team – What!?!?

Now, why on earth would someone in my position say this?  It’s because I really mean it for anyone out there seeking advice or wondering what more could be earned from their current digital efforts.  You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

I’ll lead by saying I don’t think this has to be a digital agency. But I would make absolutely certain if it isn’t, it is still the life of the person you’re hiring.  We operate by many adages; one of them is “focus = power.”  Make sure you hire for a focus.  This is why an agency makes so much sense. It’s all they do. They don’t manage the PPC campaign, call leads, set appointments, provide price quotes, etc. I’ve seen it done, but these people are extremely rare.

If your digital campaign success isn’t being managed by an expert with some serious focus and repetition, the end result may look something like this…  Imagine an image of yourself.  You’re gazing into the mirror with tears in your eyes and scissors in hand after you gave yourself “a little off the top.” I can give myself a haircut right now.  It doesn’t mean that it’s a great idea, or that I know what a seasoned salon veteran knows.

Most likely, the hair will grow back. However, the money you spent on a poorly managed digital campaign won’t reappear.  This may actually sting more than a cheap #1 on this list. The lesson learned will stay with you for some time as well. Continue on this path, and you’ll end up with the result of a cheap #2.

Find an expert you can trust, help them understand your goals and objectives and hold them accountable to the work.  You’ll be amazed at all the compliments you receive.  When you look back at your decision, the investment will be well worth it.

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