The Key is Confidence

The challenge for sales and service departments in our industry is still the same, no matter what new technology evolves to attempt solving it.

All automotive dealerships need to maintain loyalty of the customers they have, build a base of new customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Accomplishing all three objectives leads you in only one direction – profitable growth.

The best place to start is to determine what customers really want and understand that every month you are talking to a new audience who wasn’t listening prior to entering your market.

For more than 30 years,Gallup polls have been done on customers to determine what they expect from their retailer. The top five stay the same each year.

5.  Price – Can you believe this is number five? Budget, monthly payment and total on the road price is always the negotiation and debate at the heart of every vehicle transaction. But apparently this can be overlooked if the other four are present.

 4.  Selection – Customers want a large selection. They want to know that when they make their choice, it was based on all possibilities. No one likes to buy something, then go down the street and see a better option.

 3.  Quality – Quality is key. A vehicle is a major life purchase, after your home or education. You have to believe that the vehicle you choose is going to sustain the lifetime of your ownership.

 2.  Service– Have you ever heard a customer claim they dealt with a salesperson that made them feel like they only cared about themselves? Knowing that your salespeople and service mechanics truly care about their customer and makes them feel like they are the only customer in the world gives you the loyalty and references that will propel you into growth.

So what’s number one? Wouldn’t those top four pretty much cover it all? What is missing?

1. Confidence

If a customer is fully confident that you are giving them the best service, the best quality, the best selection options possible and all for the best price you can give them – you will achieve all three objectives.  Hands down. Every time.

How do you get that confidence?  How do you make every customer feel like they are your top priority when you’ve got a database of thousands, and how do you keep all of your staff on the same page when advertising to prospects?

Consistent internal and external communication.

Internally, your team will display your philosophy and approach to sales/service.  They also need tools to track and organize leads – both past customers and prospects. Furthermore, they also need full training and understanding of what your external messaging is to be ready when traffic arrives.

Our company has been involved in the automotive industry for more than 30 years. We understand the full cycle from start to finish, and we’ve found dealer success regardless of location, size or manufacturer.

The platform that was created with every sized dealership in mind began with a personal message delivered with variable video content, a unique call to action to incentivize customers and turnkey media drivers.  At first, the philosophy behind it deterred dealers who were used to the “usual” plans.  But then Hypercasting was born. It now changes the landscape for dealers as they continually gain market share each month.

Combining the marketing power of the Internet, with the effective targeting of direct mail and email blasts in a format that delivers a personalized retail experience is no longer the future of automotive advertising, it’s the present. Exceeding all three objectives for ultimate customer loyalty is achievable when all communication is aligned.


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