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We’ve been a part of Mudd Advertising since June 2012, and in the past 9 months or so we’ve really learned a lot. We’ve grown in our service offerings, our relationships with clients and our ability to communicate results. Not only is it important to implement successful campaigns, but it’s also important that clients understand that what we’re doing is valuable. The ultimate goal is to change from an attitude of “I know I need to be online, so I just do it,” to “I know I need to be online because it generates measurable results.” It’s a subtle change, but it’s crucial for continued success.

If we want people to understand that online marketing generates measurable results, we better show those results, right? Let’s take a look at three clients and how we’ve helped them achieve their goals.

First, let’s look at a group of dealerships in Portsmouth, OH that has been working with Mudd and TargetClick since December 2012. January sales increased from 188 total units in 2012 to 279 units sold in 2013. That’s a 48.4% Year-Over-Year increase in sales! This is a metric that every dealer cares about; it’s the most significant proof that what we’re doing is working.

Next, consider a Ford Lincoln dealer in Rapid City, SD. Starting in October 2012, they began using solutions like Conversion Pages, SEM, Reputation Management and Social Media Marketing. Their YOY January sales numbers increased from 101 units in 2012 to 141 units in 2013. This dealer sets aggressive goals month after month and our team continues to help them achieve success.

Finally, a volume Hyundai dealership in Massachusetts started using our solutions in November 2012. Their YOY January leads increased from 548 leads in January 2012 to 701 leads in January 2013. That is a 27.9% increase in leads, something any dealer can appreciate.

Results like these are proof that a comprehensive, traditional and digital marketing strategy will help you succeed. If you’re interested in this kind of success, contact our team to learn more. Email, or call 800-367-6833 to talk to our team today. We want to make you our next success story because We Love it When You Succeed.

Therese Kuster is the Director of Digital Operations at TargetClick – Powered by Mudd Advertising. Contact here at to learn more about reputation management, social media strategy and content marketing.

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