TargetClick and BrightEdge

If you haven’t heard our excited chatter about the new SEO platform we’re using, and even if we’ve discussed it ad nauseam, we’ve got BrightEdge! After much begging and pleading from Trish and I both, we finally made the jump to a new SEO platform. I’ll pause a minute to let the cheering ensue.

I know, in all this excitement, you have a lot of questions. Let me answer them for you.

What is BrightEdge you speak of?

BrightEdge is an innovative SEO platform that provides comprehensive data to help us precisely assess SEO health and performance, pinpoint opportunities and prescribe a strategic solution aligned with measurable business outcomes. Capabilities from this platform also help us paint a bigger picture for you with more meaningful data to help you understand how your site’s SEO and content impact revenue, conversions and traffic. I’ll spare you the details, but this means an increased ROI with SEO.

google not providedWhy did you decide to start using BrightEdge?

In an ever-changing internet landscape, with BrightEdge in our arsenal of secret weapons, we’re able to strategically react to threats and opportunities swiftly. Since Google’s secure search implementation in the fall, marketers have had limited visibility to user search query data hindering our ability to measure the impact of correlating keywords. In addition, the Google Hummingbird update released in September forever solidified quality content as an essential SEO component with user search intent at the forefront. In the last year, we’ve been forced to take a long hard look at industry practices and shift our views and attitudes from strictly a keyword-centric approach to content-centric. Through the analytics and data we can glean from BrightEdge, we’re able to get some of that keyword data back. More importantly, we’re able to put more focus on content marketing by employing SEO strategies that provide measurable business outcomes.

How else does this benefit my business?

With the 20/20 vision we’re given with this platform, we’re able to more fully understand what is going on with your audience, traffic, conversions and revenue so that we can employ more effective SEO strategies for advanced targeting. This includes better analysis of competitive data, more effective tracking, forecasting and reporting across all devices.

What can you expect in the future?

Despite our differences, the TargetClick SEO team reached across the wall to our SEM friends to come up with a solution to put an end to reporting confusion once and for all. We’re currently working on an integrated solution with Kenshoo and Brightedge so you can view your SEM and SEO reports in one central location.

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