Taking a Deep Dive Into Data Services

Have you ever wondered what happens to your data after Mudd Advertising receives it?

We’ve developed a tool called the “Data Exchange Server”. It was built from the ground up to support raw data from Dealership Managements Systems and helps streamline the data cleansing process. Here are the steps we take to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality data to support your advertising campaigns!

  1. Data Analysis – We will analyze your data to ensure the data is of practical quality.
  2. Data De-Duplication – During this process, duplicate data is removed, leaving the most recent, unique record to be stored. This step increases the speed of service and reduces the overall costs.
  3. Data Standardization – This is a crucial process where the data is defined, formatted, represented and structured. Data standardization helps in achieving better results in further steps down the road.
  4. Data Normalization – Systematic process to ensure the data is suitable or serves the purpose.
  5. Quality Check – This is done to reconfirm the accuracy of data at the end of the process by data specialists.


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