Tagging Will Help Boost Post Reach on Facebook

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After Facebook’s recent algorithm change affecting business pages reach and engagement, Facebook announced some welcome news recently that may give these pages a helping hand.

The new Facebook algorithm that was put in to place recently is giving preference to personal status updates and posts over business pages and brand posts. However, Facebook is giving social media marketers a break, helping them gain more reach from their most relevant posts. Now, if pages tag other brands or businesses in their posts, those posts may be seen on the news feeds of those who follow the tagged brands or pages. For example, if a local dealership received recognition for outstanding service in a publication, the page could announce this award and tag the publication in the status.

This is an interesting move for Facebook since there is a chance this feature may be easily abused by business pages. However, this is a great opportunities for businesses that will hopefully give them the boost they need to increase reach again after the algorithm changes. Brands can use this new feature to help with reach in a few different strategic ways.

  1. Business pages can use this new feature to show the difference between themselves and their competitors in posts that use comparisons.
  2. Brands can use relationships that they already have to connect with audiences of other pages that they most want to reach. Ideally, both brands could benefit in this scenario.
  3. This tool can also be used to create better brand associations. This could be used to boost the connection between the audience and other interests they may have related to that particular brand.

This new feature will prove itself in time with experimentation to see if tagging other brand and business pages will in fact increase reach for the pages most relevant posts. In the meantime, it is more important than ever to see when your audience is most active on each social media platform in order to get the most organic reach by posting at the right time of day.

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