Automatically Create ADF (Auto Lead Data Format) without Writing XML

For years I’ve been working with the auto lead data format specifications, creating ADF records and sending the data to CRMs. After about preparing auto lead data format templates several dozen times, studying and restudying the Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) specifications and writing and rewriting virtually the same XML over and over again, I decided it was...
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How to Send Leads to eLeads CRM

In most cases, sending leads to a CRM is pretty straight forward, relatively speaking. As long as the standardized requirements are met, the CRM will accept the lead and parse the data correctly. eLeads, however, is a different story. Not only is eLeads idiosyncratic and quite particular about how leads are sent to them, but...
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How to Create an XML Data Feed from Your Car Dealership’s Website

This article describes a process for generating an XML feed from vehicle data extracted directly from VDPs on a dealer’s website. Of course, the process is not limited to car dealer websites. It can be applied to any type of website. In order to create an XML data feed, you first need to extract the data...
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